The legendary trader, Warren Buffet has not only spoken of the importance of trade but also that, “You have only one mind and one body for the rest of your life”.

To amplify the importance of a healthy body and a safer future, Goodwill Wealth management has curated a 30 days discount scheme which offers 10% off on brokerage charges, upon verification of vaccination certification.


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when so much is being said about wealth creation, Goodwill makes an important distinction between wealth creation and wealth preservation. The character and methodology of your investment will be determined by your current financial stature. The question is : are you going to create wealth or preserve the wealth you have already created? Of course,whichever it is, your investment decisions have to be intelligent and timely. To ensure that, Goodwill will be your partner in guiding you and being by your side all the time, all the way to your destination for we understand all the factors that have a bearing on the stability or chaos of the world of finance.

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Established in 2008, Goodwill now has offices in over 100+ locations, serving about 2,00,000+ Customers nationwide. We have earned their trust by providing them excellent services in various trading and investment activities.

As we all know, Corona cases are on a surge in India. Therefore, it is our duty to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this dangerous outbreak by vaccinating ourselves. The government has opened vaccination services to the age group of 18 to 45 from May 1st, 2021. Get vaccinated as soon as possible to improve your immunity and safeguard your body from covid contraction.

The vaccines made in India are totally safe and are proven to cause relevant response towards the mutated variants. The 45+ age group have already completed their COVAXIN and COVISHIELD vaccination and most of them have taken initiative for the second dosage of the vaccine. The Indian government has also approved imported vaccines made in other countries for the people of India.

It is extremely important to get a shot of the vaccine to sort out this covid crisis.

Let's further discuss on how to enroll for covid vaccination and on how to download covid-19 vaccination certificate.


In this modern era, most of us would be using a smart phone, therefore registering for a vaccination shot is extremely easy.

Step-1: Install the CoWin App or visit the to enroll yourself for vaccination.

Step-2 : Register your details by providing your mobile number and Aadhaar Number or any other valid government identity proof.

Step-3 : Once registration is completed, select your convenient date and time to get yourself vaccinated from your nearest vaccination Centre

Once you are vaccinated, it’s important to download the vaccination certificate. Lets have a look at how to download the vaccination certificate.


Step-1 : Open the Aarogya setu app and click on the CoWin tab to download your vaccination certificate.

Step-2 : Now click on the option called "Vaccination Certificate". You will be redirected to a link where you'll have to enter your reference ID.

Step-3 : Enter your beneficiary reference ID which has been provided to you during vaccination.

Step-4 : Finally, click on the "Get Certificate" Button as it will redirect to a landing page where you will be able to view and download the certificate.

You can also download your vaccination certificate through the SMS link sent to your phone.

(Source: Aarogya Setu)

(Source: Aarogya Setu)

Step-1 : Click on the link received on your registered mobile number to download your vaccination certificate.

Step-2 : Enter your phone number to verify it once again as you will be asked to enter the OTP delivered to your registered mobile number.

Step-3 : Finally, click on the download option to download your certificate.

Once you have been vaccinated with two doses of covid vaccine, you will be able to download the digital certification for vaccination. This certificate contains all your details along with the name of the vaccine, hospital name, date and other details.

For a better and Safer Tomorrow, Goodwill encourages every citizen of India to get vaccinated against the novel Coronavirus!

Stay safe and help to stay safe!